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October 2017

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am elated that our new Intern, Vicar Richard Bergen, was installed on Labor Day weekend during the worship services, and we welcomed him with a “camping theme” brunch immediately following the 9:30 worship service on September 3rd! Special thanks once again to Kim Werley and her excellent kitchen crew for a fabulous buffet.

Dear Friends, after 12 weeks at home, with multiple therapies, I’ve returned to Sunday services only as tolerated and only four hours a week in the office. This is not an easy schedule to keep for a pastor, but prioritizing and delegation is crucial to my success in returning full-time in future months. With that being said, I thought I might share with you some of the symptoms and restrictions of post-concussion syndrome secondary to a motor vehicle accident. The most frustrating thing is that post-concussion patients usually have no visible injuries. The injuries are hidden inside the brain and its intricate systems. In my case, the senses, primarily vision, short term memory, and cognitive abstract complexities are challenges, causing symptoms such as headaches, lightheadedness, balance issues, decreased peripheral and depth perception, speech and word finding difficulties, processing during conversations; for example, requests should be written never verbal, & when possible one person approaching at a time slowly at all times. These are just a few and with these challenges come an array of secondary symptoms, nausea, agitation, confusion, and even shutdown where comprehension and ability to answer may not happen at all. Most post-concussion patients do heal but over a long period of time...months perhaps years.

Because of these challenges and the restrictions, I have reached out to two women in our congregation to be my “shadow” on Sunday mornings to help me maintain a simple routine from worship to teaching confirmation to baptism & new member meetings and basic activities occurring on Sundays. Eileen McFarland and Kay Patterson have met with me at my home and are aware of the challenges and restrictions put forth to me by the medical staff. It is my hope that with their help and the compassion of all the members of Trinity, it will be possible for me to continue a very minimal weekly schedule with the assistance of Bev, our church secretary, Vicar Rich and Pastor John Hassler, our Designated Pastor.

I realize this is a lot to ask of the congregation, especially as we embark on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, but I firmly believe, like Luther, if we understand the challenges we face, we can gradually overcome them together with the help and grace of God.

I am hoping by the time you read this October letter, I will be much more improved than at the time of this writing. I am looking forward to celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation together as a congregation, so I encourage you to keep checking for special events throughout the Fall into December! And most of all don’t miss worship on Oct. 29th!

Again, I thank God for all of you and the prayerful support I have experienced over this difficult and challenging time, and without hesitation in my heart, I am most certainly grateful that God gave me Trinity to shepherd and serve!

Your Pastor,

The Reverend Nancy L. Moore

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