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Dens from Pack 82 meet at Trinity's Luther Hall every Tuesday evening. If your son is between the ages of 6 and 11, and would like to experience the fun and excitement of Scouting, stop on in . . .

How the Boy Scouts Came to America

In 1909, Chicago publisher William Dickson Boyce was visiting London, Late one afternoon the city was enshrouded in heavy fog. Boyce lost his bearing in the murk and was approached by a boy of about 12 carring a lantern. The boy offered to guide Boyce to the address he was seeking. When Boyce produced a shilling, the boy replied,

"No Sir, I am a scout. Scouts do not accept tips for good turns."

That comment piqued Boyce's curiosity. He wanted to learn more about scouting in Brtain, so the boy took him to the British Scout headquarters. He was so enthralled with what he heard there, that he decided to get scouting started in America.

Churches with a Scout troop, whether for boys or girls, are blessed by the troop's presence. They perform valuable service projects, learn and practice good values, health, and survival techniques, discipline, and helpfulness toward others.

Let us offer scouts our gratitude when we see them helping the handicapped, assisting the elderly, directing the flow of church traffic, repairing or painting church property and assisting in many and various ways. We all benefit by their presence.

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